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Horrible Histories Virtual World

A virtual world with social networking elements.

A virtual world with social networking elements. It's an integration of Huzu Social 2.0 (a social networking platform) with Huzutech's virtual world product.

I was responsible for:

  • Sub classing the relationship repository in order to help seamlessly integrate the two applications
  • Refactoring and simplifying the codebase
  • Working with web services to allow the two applications to communicate

The good thing about Horrible Histories is that you get to learn some nice fun facts.

Romans liked watching people killing other people - on one morning alone, 10,000 people were killed in Rome’s Coliseum just for fun

Horrible Histories

In Tudor times a cook was boiled to death in a giant cauldron because he poisoned the soup

Sometimes it's hard to believe these resources are for kids!

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