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I'm a freelance .NET Web Developer.

I like to get my hands dirty!


More than fifteen years' experience in the industry has given me the opportunity to work with a number of technologies and methodologies. It allows me to offer a wide range of professional services.

Server-side, I mainly work with Microsoft technologies. I also frequently work with HTML, CSS and JavaScript as well. I'm really interested in simple design and usability.

Although I've developed my own CMS for internal use, I'm a big fan of Umbraco and have been using it consistently for over five years. I highly recommend it.

Technical Skills

Hugely interested in creating simple and fast loading user interfaces. I use:

  • CSS grids for responsive screens
  • SVG for crisp responsive graphics
  • semantic HTML for machine readable webpages
  • Angular for interactive data driven apps
  • TypeScript for developer happiness

Although I'm not a graphic designer, I'm proficient in Photoshop and Illustrator and I have an appreciation for design and layout.


Over the years I've worked with numerous content management systems but have now settled with one: Umbraco.

One of the main reasons Umbraco is so popular is because of it's flexibility. It can be used to develop pretty much any content based application.

When developing Umbraco applications I tend to use:

  • full MVC front end
  • strongly Typed Models
  • intuitive content structure
  • sensible document types
  • for performance

If you're looking for a Professional Freelance Umbraco Developer, then please get in touch.

I specialise in Microsoft ASP.NET development and I've been using the .NET platform since its first release in 2002, I:

  • have experience with cloud development using both the Windows Azure platform and Amazon AWS
  • understand how to efficiently store and retrieve data using relational databases.
  • develop efficient WebAPIs
  • use MVC and also Web Forms (for legacy applications)
  • appreciate and understand when to use NoSQL solutions
  • can develop high performance applications
  • can build scalable and extensible applications


Get in touch to talk about your project or just ask me a question.