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Offline Cache with Service Workers

A basic overview of how to use a Service Worker to provide an offline cache for your Progressive Web App

Alternative forms of navigation

Experimenting with some alternative forms of navigation

Top 10 - Movies as Code

Movies as Code. Are you a film buff? Do you know your HTML?

JavaScript Web Workers

Web Workers allow you to run JavaScript in background threads.

A Quick look at a JavaScript Promise

Promises are used to simplify asynchronous programming.

ASP.NET Core Gzip Response Compression

Compress your HTML and static files

HTML Application Cache

Allow your web apps to work offline

Self contained SVG scripting demo

A demo of how to create a self contained SVG, hosted on CodePen

SVG tunnel with vanilla JavaScript

Playing with some SVG and JavaScript.

Let's Encrypt are pushing for a 100% Encrypted Web...for FREE

Let's Encrypt are releasing free SSL certificates

Productivity Golden Nugets

A collection of hidden productivity gems


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